Saturday, May 28, 2011

New Blog

I decided that it is time once again to try blogging on a almost regular basis.  Hopefully this will be a more successful endeavor then it has been in the past.

This new blog will follow my adventures in homebrewing, a hobby which I have been doing for almost 2 years.

I started brewing back in October of 2009 I have been documenting my brew sessions through pictures and posting them on my Facebook account.  While this has been a way of sharing my process, it hasn't been a way to provide a background on why or how I think things turned out in the end.

My aims for the blog are as follows:
  • General musings from someone new to the hobby
  • Give my thoughts on the batches that I have done in the past
  • Give some background into why I tried certain experiments
  • Occasional thoughts on Craft Brewing in the news
  • To have fun
So if you are interested in brewing or have tried one of my beers then I hope you find this blog entertaining.

So go grab a cold homebrew or Craft Beer and sit back and enjoy while you read

Relax, Don't Worry, and Have a Home Brew


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