Friday, September 23, 2011

Holiday Brewing Update

Sitting here on a Friday evening sipping on my Indian Ladder Hard Cider from last year (it is quite tasty) and realized it has been awhile since I updated this here blog and I have done some more Holiday brewing.
Belgian Christmas Ale, Hefeweizen Cider, and Belgian Saison Cider

Cider Batches:
I racked the Cider with the Hefeweizien yeast into a 3 gallon carboy and it is now aging in the basement
I did finally added Campden tablets and Potassium Sorbate to the carboy to stop the yeast and then added some Indonesian Cinnamon sticks ...can't wait to taste this one


Started my Belgian Christmas Ale just over 2 weeks ago... I had to get this started because it has to age for 3 months because this one should finish around 11 to 13 % ABV

The Recipe:

3.3 lbs    Lite liquid Malt Extract      (60 min)
6.6 lbs    Lite liquid Malt Extract      (15 min)

    Grain Bill

         - 1 lb  Caraamber 

         - 1 lb  Caramunich

         - 1 lb  Vienna Malt


          Cumin, Coriander, and Caraway Seed

          Dark Belgian Candi Syrup

          Northern Brewer

          Wyeast Belgian Strong Ale yeast

My final refractometer reading was 29 Brix or 1.112...because it was going to be such a high gravity beer I had to make my first yeast starter.  I ended up using my Brown's Brewing the day I went to brew it was over flowing as I did another addition of malt to increase the yeast production.

This should be ready to rack to the secondary here in a few days then bottle it so it can age.

I also used the spent grains to make dog treats using a recipe I found in my Zymurgy magazine

Berkley, my brothers greyhound, was the recipient of most of the cookies but there were plenty to go around for both Sherman and Jack and some of their doggie friends.

 Overall it was a good brew day