Sunday, August 28, 2011

Update:Holiday Cider

Lately I have been doing some reading on the Homebrew Talk Forums about Cider Making.

In the Cider forums there is a guy who has done a lot of experiments with different juices and yeasts...and I wish I had read the entire thread (Some 51 pages long) before starting my cider with the Belgian Saison yeast.  He posted that his experiment with this yeast was not very good and that the yeast quickly stripped the cider of the apple taste. 

Friday after work I stopped at the local homebrew store and purchased a 3 gallon carboy.  On Saturday I transferred the cider into the bottling bucket and did a taste test and specific gravity of 1.006 ...still a bit of apple notes to it so I decided to move forward with the batch.
3 gallon carboy
I then steamed some French Oak chips and put them in the cider

Next step was to attempt to cold crash it and make the yeast go dormant...this part is where I had to think like MacGyver since I don't have access to another fridge.  After much thought on the best way to do this with the materials I have on hand I opted to take this route...

Ice/Salt slurry bath...

While the first round of this has melted down the water bath is still cold...going to do this one more time then probably going to use some Potassium Sorbate to kill the yeast and prevent further fermintation. 

This is not a problem since this will end up a "still cider."  I will probably "back sweeten" with apple concentrate prior to bottling

hopefully this will turn out alright in the end.

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